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Renegade Heavy Haul

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Over 8,000 registered active carriers waiting for your shipments.


Introducing Renegade Freight Connect

Connect with a freight brokerage partner committed to moving your business forward.

As a leading provider of custom freight brokerage solutions, Renegade Freight Connect specializes in truckload, less than truckload (LTL) and expedited shipments. We are committed to partnering with shippers as well as carriers to get each load where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, at the best possible price. We invest in thoroughly understanding the needs of both our shippers and our carriers. This approach lets us make the shipping connections that get every job done, and even the toughest loads moved. Every time.

With $1 billion in freight managed annually, Renegade is the leading contract logistics provider in North America, serving the world’s largest corporations. Now, via Renegade Freight Connect, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of Renegade’s unparalleled expertise, nationwide connections, cutting-edge technology and unmatched customer service to move brokered shipments across the nation. 

Seasonal shipments. One-time shipments. Last minute shipments. Loads going to locations you don’t normally service. They all present unique shipping challenges. Fortunately, Renegade Freight Connect has the right solutions for all your freight transportation needs.

Renegade Freight Connect maintains solid relationships with a vast network of the country’s most reliable carriers. At any moment, we know where capacity exists. We know which carriers are best for specific types of freight and specific routes. And we know which carriers are capable of offering the competitive rates you want—and the on-time delivery you demand. We couple this insight with dedicated, personalized service, making it easy for you to get every load shipped on time and on budget. Every time.

Truckload Shipping

Renegade Freight Connect partners with the nation’s leading truckload shippers—thousands of them, in fact—to offer local, regional and long haul truckload services. We match you with a carrier that offers the right equipment, and the right dedication to safely, reliably and affordably deliver your freight wherever it needs to go.

Dedicated Service

Renegade Transportation provides regional delivery services custom created to fit the needs of you and your customers. We will replace or compliment your current fleet with professional vehicles and Delivery Service Professionals who will quickly become a part of your team. This service yields as much as 32% in savings on transportation expenses. Access our cost calculator to determine the savings your company could be experiencing today.

Less Than Truckload (LTL) Shipping

Just because you have less freight to ship doesn’t mean you’re willing to settle for less service. Renegade Freight Connect offers LTL service that makes it economical to ship smaller loads, while still ensuring your shipments arrive on time and undamaged.

Expedited Shipping

Needed it there yesterday? Renegade Freight Connect can’t turn back time. But we can do the next best thing. We work with trusted carriers that offer dependable and secure same day, next day and two day shipping options for urgent deliveries anywhere in the United States. 

Special Projects

Have a new product roll-out, site start-up or other surge capacity need? We are experts at handling out-of-the-ordinary capacity needs flawlessly. With the right transportation solutions, communication processes and technology, we handle all the details for you.


Capacity & Flexibility 

Renegade Freight Connect can find a truck or fill in on a difficult lane on a moment’s notice. As a non-asset based brokerage, we also offer complete shipping flexibility. Whether we’re managing a single truckload shipment or your entire supply chain, we match every shipment with the right carrier.


Our carriers meet the highest quality and safety standards. They’re the best in the industry, and are always focused on communication and on-time service. So shipments always get where they’re going. 


Renegade Freight Connect arms you with technology that offers total visibility into your shipments, including instant updates and reliable tracking and reporting tools.

Renegade Freight Connect leverages the latest technology to keep our shippers and our carriers in the know about every shipment, every step of the way. Simply log in to your account for instant, around-the-clock access to the latest information on current shipments and lane data.

Our technology also facilitates connections between loads and capacity. Shippers can use our system to quickly and easily generate and manage new shipping orders, while carriers can use it to post available equipment and capacity. Whether you are a shipper or a carrier, you can count on our leading technology platform to keep your business moving full speed ahead.

Bottom line – we deliver.


If you have any questions about our services please contact us.

Disclaimer:  Brokerage, Carrier and its affiliated companies are duly licensed by the appropriate governmental bodies either to perform interstate transportation services as a motor carrier or to arrange for transportation services by other authorized motor carriers as a broker.  Pursuant to the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, when carrier transports shipper’s cargo on vehicles owned by or leased to carrier, such transportation service is provided by Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation MC-550730 or Renegade Heavy Haul MC-343884 under its motor carrier authority.  Otherwise, when transportation of shipper’s cargo occurs by third party motor carrier, such transportation service is provided by Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation under its broker authority number MC-550730.


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