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Move freight better than anyone.


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Move freight better than anyone.

Renegade Freight Brokerage is a logistics provider Licensed, Bonded, with $100,000 Contingent Motor Truck Cargo Insurance and $1,000,000 Contingent Auto Liability to protect our customers!


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Hello All,
I am back in the business with Renegade Freight Brokerage and we are currently looking to work with shippers that need a fresh new face out there ready to do business. I have many trucking companies I work with and I am currently setting up new customers so whatever your needs are let me know, so let’s talk and let’s move some freight. Talk to the leader in freight brokerage dispatch. "We are small enough to provide you the personal attention you deserve….Large enough to meet your expectation for quality and timely service at a competitive price."


Connecting Quality Shippers with Expert Carriers.

You have deadlines and unique needs. We are dedicated to matching you with the best carriers for quality and on-time pickup and delivery, every time.

Our Services & You....

Renegade Freight Brokerage strives to offer you efficient scheduling, the best equipment for the job and the most competitive rates. Be it an over-sized load, a legal flatbed load or an LTL shipment, we have the knowledge and expertise to match your transportation needs with our equipment and our wide network of professional carriers.


With our proprietary rating and software technologies, it allows us to provide you with same day pricing/quotes, usually within 2 to 4 hours. This system allows us to identify your load parameters and allows us to suggest the proper equipment needed and give you some of the best across the board rates. We strive to exceed any and all your transportation expectations. If you'd like to receive a customer pack and learn more about us, contact us today and we can have you and/or your company set up within minutes.


Over-Dimensional and Specialized Division

This division is what Renegade Heavy Haul; was built on. Since 1978 we have been in the specialized freight business. Since that time many have come and gone while we have stayed steady to our founder’s original belief and idea of what a heavy haul company is, and what you expect from such companies.


Each and every heavy or specialized load is different, they all have their own set of circumstances. Some require weeks of set up involved which may include route and bridge surveys due to weight, width, height or length, excessive planning with various state agencies which may include State Trooper or Highway Patrol Escorts and speaking with both the shipper and receiver to be sure of access points, traffic situations that may affect the move during certain times of day or night and making a "dry run" to be sure we have covered as many bases as possible prior to the actual move.


Our Heavy and Specialized division has moved items such as a $14 Million Dollar Antique Bus, Locomotives and various Rail Cars, Transformers, Crated and Uncrated Machinery, All types of Heavy Construction Equipment from All-Terrain Cranes to the largest Bulldozers, Excavators and all other types of equipment.

Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation was founded by Charles Freeman on 09/14/2009 to provide third party logistics for the movement of freight by surface transportation.

Charles Freeman and Renegade Heavy Haul has provided truck transportation service to customers since 1998, and Charles offers his years of experience to solve shippers’ unique challenges to delivering their products to customers in North America.

Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation and Renegade Heavy Haul is committed to providing high quality service in the realm of third party logistics for customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Our commitment to high standards is embodied in our mission statement, “The First Quality of Greatness is Service”.

With a background in freight transportation, we understand the need for timely results and a quality experience. Also, our history has given us an in-depth understanding of the industry, enabling us to organize the ideal solution from the initial pick-up until its final destination.

Our network of carriers empowers us to exceed expectations. We quickly find you the best carrier in terms of cost, quality and timeliness, saving time and resources for your company.

We provide precise and punctual tracking of shipments, including service to supply you with the essential information you need exactly when you need it.

Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation, Renegade Transportation Dispatch Service, and Renegade Heavy Haul requests your help. Please complete the following Customer Questionnaire.

Your answers will help us provide you with the right information, Thank you for your time.

No matter how much freight you need to move or where it’s headed, we promise to match you with a motor carrier that’s best suited to meet your shipping needs. Simply fill out our quote form and we’ll provide you with a quote as quickly as possible for review and approval. Once approved, we’ll finalize the contract with the carrier and see to it that your shipment is picked up and delivered on time as specified. If you need to make any changes after submitting the form, please call us or contact us online at your earliest convenience so we can update the submission and provide you with the most accurate freight quote. We look forward to meeting all of your current and future shipping needs.

We know how it is. Shipments coming in. Rush deliveries going out. Multiple phone calls and paperwork just to get your freight moving. Whether you ship inbound or outbound by common carrier often, or just occasionally, finding service providers to move your freight may be slowing down your business. And costing you valuable time.

Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation, Renegade Transportation Dispatch Service, and Renegade Heavy Haul can help. We’re tapped into a vast network of 8,000 For-Hire carriers as well as hundreds of dedicated fleets that Renegade operates throughout North America — so we’re uniquely able to match your freight to the right vehicle, going right where you want it to and arriving right when you need it there!

Shipping freight doesn't have to be complicated or time consuming. If you are shipping something over 150 pounds you are going to need a freight shipping company. Unlike small package shipping in which you have only a few options, there are thousands of trucking companies out there who ship LTL (Less Than Truckload) and full truckload freight. As such, freight shipping prices do vary greatly from trucking company to trucking company. Often the freight shipping prices for the same shipment can vary by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So how do you find the best price for your shipment while resting assured that the company you choose has a reputation for quality, on-time freight delivery?

That's where we come in. Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation, Renegade Transportation Dispatch Service, and Renegade Heavy Haul works with some of the biggest names in the freight shipping and logistics business to get you the best possible freight quotes online. Just fill out the quote form for a fast, free freight shipping quotes. There is no obligation however once you see our prices you'll see that we do offer some of the cheapest freight shipping quotes on the web. We work with all kinds of freight including pallets, crates, barrels, boxes and bundles. We can ship oversized items that require a flatbed including vehicles, boats, cranes, airplanes.....really you name it. Sky's the limit. If you need it hauled, we can find you a carrier and get you some of the best freight shipping prices around.

When it has to get there on time, you can count on us to deliver. We are more than just freight brokers, we’re you're reliable logistics partner you’ve been looking for. As a whole, we’re only as successful as the individuals and companies we serve, which is why we do everything we can to bring success to our shippers by leveraging our experience and expertise to reduce costs, maximize profitability, and streamline the supply chain. We take the guesswork and headache out of shipping, which gives decision-makers like you more time to focus on the core areas of your business.

No matter the type of freight you need to move, where it’s headed, or how fast it needs to get there, our knowledge combined with our extensive logistics network of flatbed trucks, dry vans, reefers, goosenecks, step decks, and lowboys allows us to meet your shipping needs without fail, and certainly without delay. We only work with the most reliable carriers in the nation, which gives our shippers the confidence and peace of mind of knowing their valuable freight is in the right hands.

Count on us for all your shipping needs. No restrictions on size, location, or destination means your search for the right freight broker is over. We accept single item shipments, less-than-truckload (LTL), dedicated full truckload (FTL), container freight, and more. Whatever you have and wherever it’s going, let us coordinate all of your shipping needs. Call us today to speak with one of our freight consultants, or request your free online freight quote to see how fast, affordable, and easy we make it to meet all of your shipping commitments.

With the support of one of the world’s largest transportation and logistics companies,That's where we come in. Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation, Renegade Transportation Dispatch Service, and Renegade Heavy Haul can help reduce your shipping risk, cut transportation costs and keep your customers happier.

By leveraging our expertise and resources, you get the best combination of price and service to move your freight fast. All of which help your business stay right on track!


Unique Advantages With just one phone call, you’ll get professional, reliable service at very competitive rates, plus these unique advantages:

Access to 8,000 For-Hire carriers

Access to a nationwide network of quality Renegade dedicated vehicles

Personal Renegade Freight Manager to handle all the details

Centralized dispatch operation

Flexible scheduling and in-transit tracking

Reduced exposure to freight loss or damage

Dependable on-time pickup and delivery

Express rate quotes

Renegade Accommodates All Your Shipping Needs

Our services include:

Dry Van


Temperature Controlled

Specialized Equipment

Heavy Haul



Ground Expedite

Domestic Air

International Ocean

Cross Border

Transportation Consulting

Bid Management


Our Promise for Your Future

We have the ability to match a solution to your needs that makes sense for your business whether it be dry van, refrigerated, flatbed, or intermodal service. Not only will we manage your everyday logistics needs, we also provide solutions for challenges including: surge volumes, overflow, origin management, private fleet turn backs, carrier turn downs, special projects, disaster relief, or other unique logistics needs.

We are licensed, insured and bonded to move freight across the United States, Canada & Mexico. Thanks to a coordinated service network of Distribution Agents, Independent Dispatchers, Freight Brokerage Agents and Independent Renegade Freight Franchises in strategic locations throughout the United States, Canada & Mexico where we can and will meet all of your shipping needs. Our experienced drivers utilize a modern fleet to guarantee your freight arrives on-time and in the same condition as it was when it was picked up. Our transportation services include, partial loads, full loads, direct store delivery, over dimensional shipments, recurring scheduled pickups and deliveries, and intermodal freight management. Whatever moves your company, we can move it for you. Request a free freight quote today.


We have gone paperless and our clients provide their bank or credit cards details so automatic debits can be generated on the 16th day after invoicing.  Complete the Automatic Debit Authorization Form in our shipper packet and make a copy of the completed authorization form for your records.   If you are using a checking account for Automatic Debit, you must send a voided check from that account.  If you are using a savings account, you must enclose a savings deposit ticket, which includes your account number.

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Quote Terms: Quotes are based upon information provided. If Info provided is not accurate, it is understood that the freight Class, NMFC# & Rate may change. Quotes are based upon the shipper using the Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation MC-550730 supplied Bill of Lading. If the shipper uses their own B/O/L, Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation MC-550730 reserves the right to be removed from the transaction with collect charges billed to the consignee. Unless payment for services is otherwise agreed upon, all rates are based on receiving payment within 15 days of the invoice.